Mark Collins – Is the Canadian Government too Publicly Anti-Bad Vlad?

Some in our media would have you think that Prime Minister Harper et al. are rather OTT about the Russians these days–see here and here.  But, further to this post,

US Hardening on Russia? (plus Canada)

just consider these headlines:

Britain extends commitment to NATO reassurance [force] in Eastern Europe

NATO head says alliance to more than double size of rapid response force [distinct from much smaller “spearhead” force]

US​ to give weapons and troops to Nato force battling Europe’s security threats No US troops will move immediately to Europe under the new plan, announced Monday in Germany, but they would be made available in the event of a crisis

It certainly does seem that, whatever one may think of the Canadian government’s words, that an increasingly substantive response by at least some others to Putinissimo is in the offing.  Its effect on the Russian leader is another matter.  As for our substance:

“Supporting the Canadian Armed Forces”–Not, Part 2

Then note this tweet


As Bad Vlad might say: “Sticks and stones can hurt my bones but words can never hurt me.”

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds

16 thoughts on “Mark Collins – Is the Canadian Government too Publicly Anti-Bad Vlad?”

  1. More reality–Canada not alone:

    “NATO Defense Spending Continues To Decline

    Defense spending by NATO countries continues to decline in real terms, according to figures released by the alliance ahead of a meeting of defense ministers starting Wednesday.

    The rate of decline slowed from a 3.9 percent fall in 2014 to an estimated 1.5 percent reduction this year, taking overall spending by the 28-nation alliance down to about US $893 billion, according to alliance figures…”

    Mark Collins

  2. Meanwhile our gov’t is sure taking its time getting promised CF trainers to (western) Ukraine:

    ‘Canadian forces training in Ukraine delayed

    KYIV, Ukraine — It will be the middle of summer at the earliest before the Canadian military fields its military training mission to Ukraine, which is likely to play out against a backdrop of escalating violence in breakaway eastern regions.

    Canadian soldiers will also hit the ground just as the Harper government prepares to do electoral battle on the campaign trail at home in advance of an Oct. 19 vote.

    The plan to send 200 troops for nearly two years to help strengthen the Ukrainian Army was announced with much political fanfare in mid-April, yet specifics on how the two-year mission will unfold have yet to be worked out.

    A planning team to iron out the plans only arrived recently, and it could very well be August by the time the contingent is in place, a senior defence source said.

    Lauren Armstrong, a spokeswoman for Defence Minister Jason Kenney, would only say that “reconnaissance work is ongoing and the training of Ukrainian military personnel will begin later this summer.”

    The U.S. and Britain, meanwhile, have their programs up and running at the Yavoriv training centre, in the far western region along the Polish border…’

    Mark Collins

  3. This forthcoming NATO exercise participation is pretty massive for CF:

    Mark Collins

  4. And note this on CF and NATO Rapid Reaction Force–cost implications?

    Mark Collins

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