Mark Collins – Selling NSA Cyber Security to Private Sector

This is creative–might CSE in Canada do something similar?

Suddenly, Everyone Wants the NSA’s Cyber Defense Tech
Orders are rolling in, from banks and agriculture companies alike, for the spy agency’s newly available commercial products.

Agriculture companies are now buying cyber-surveillance gear fueled by National Security Agency intelligence, according to a telecommunications company authorized to sell the technology to government and industry.

It is the same apparatus that discovered the monumental hack now known to have netted personal information on 21.5 million background check applicants and family members.

Government-aided network monitoring might have been hard to imagine just a couple of months ago, when a court deemed NSA’s bulk call record sweeps illegal.

But ever since the far-reaching data breaches were revealed in June, industry has been clamoring for a commercial version of the government’s intrusion detection system, some Internet service providers say.

Dubbed EINSTEIN, the technology is informed by NSA intelligence on cyberthreats, as well as other classified and unclassified sources.

It can only detect known malicious operations, so EINSTEIN alone would not have prevented the Office of Management Personnel intrusions [see, plus “Comments”: “Super-Hack on US Government Personnel Records: Holy Treasure, Dragonman“], according to U.S. officials. But it is able to flag threats only the government knows about once they pop up on other systems, like the now-identified OPM malware and other hallmarks of spyware that the public is not aware of yet.

Recently, the government began allowing EINSTEIN providers AT&T, CenturyLink and Verizon to sell the Internet technology to any U.S. private firm. The EINSTEIN technology is marketed under the bland name of Enhanced Cybersecurity Services, or ECS


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Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


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