Mark Collins – Russian Air Force Woes

Bears and other augering in–at Defense Industry Daily’s “Rapid Fire”:

Russia’s Aggressive Bomber Tempo Backfiring

  • Another Russian Air Force Tu-95MS strategic bomber has crashed in the country’s Far East, coming down on Tuesday external link [July 14] during a training flight. This is the sixth crash suffered by the Russian Air Force in recent weeks. This follows both the crash of another Tu-95MS in June and the subsequent grounding of the fleet. The Russian Air Force has suffered a string of recent crashes, a result of high operational demand external link and under investment in sustainment. Following two crashes earlier this year, the fleet of MiG-29 fighters was grounded earlier this month, with further accidents also leading to the grounding of the Su-24 fighter fleet in July. A Su-34 also came down in early June external link, bringing the total number of aircraft types involved in recent crashes to four.
  • Despite growing concerns over the ability of the Russian Air Force to remain airborne, the PAK DA strategic bomber – currently thought to be under development by Tupolev – is set to get new modular communication capabilities external link similar to that of the PAK FA/T-50 fighter. The PAK DA’s prototype engine was also reportedly external link tested in November by manufacturer SC Kuznestsov…

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Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


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