Mark Collins – Canadian Army Truckin’ at Last (whiff of porc?)

Further to this post in January 2014,

New Canadian Army Trucks Not out of Procurement Rasputitsa, Part 3

we finally have a winner after nine years!

U.S. firm wins Canadian military truck contract – assembly of vehicle systems to take place in Quebec

Mack Defense, LLC, of Allentown, Pennsylvania has been awarded two contracts to provide standard military pattern trucks and related equipment for the Canadian Forces.

The contracts total $834 million.

Through these contacts, the Canadian government will purchase 1,500 Standard Military Pattern trucks, 300 trailers and 150 armour protection systems for the vehicles, and an initial 5-year period of in-service support with additional option periods of up to 15 years.

The program to purchase the trucks was announced in 2006 by the Conservative government but the acquisition had been dogged by problems.

The first delivery of the trucks and equipment is planned for summer 2017, and deliveries are expected to be completed by fall 2018, according to the government’s news release. With the ability to carry 9.5 tonnes, the Standard Military Pattern trucks are the backbone of the Canadian Forces truck fleet, the government noted.

Mack Defense will work with its Canadian partners including Volvo Group sister company Prevost; Dumur Industries Ltd; EODC, Inc.; and Link Suspensions of Canada (Raydan Division).

System assembly will take place in Prevost’s Sainte-Claire, Quebec, plant…

Image below from the Canadian Army:


Nine flipping years for a pretty basic truck.

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


3 thoughts on “Mark Collins – Canadian Army Truckin’ at Last (whiff of porc?)”

  1. A Swedish company parent company AB Volvo uses their French designed Renault (Plus assembled also in their Russian JV) for their American brand Mack to be assemble by the their Canadian bus plant Provost with the help of their Nova Bus brand. Got it.

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