Mark Collins – “Peace in Afghanistan: A Talk that Never Walks”

The start of a post at the CDA Institute Blog: The Forum by Adnan Qaiser:

CDA Institute Security & Defence Blogger Adnan Qaiser, a political and defence analyst with a distinguished career in the armed forces and international diplomacy [more here], explores the prospects for peace in Afghanistan.

What remains static while travelling around the globe? The dispiriting peace pursuit in Afghanistan…

On verra, what with ISIS apparently getting into the mix.

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


9 thoughts on “Mark Collins – “Peace in Afghanistan: A Talk that Never Walks””

  1. Note Canadian involvement (thanks to US military for info):

    “International partners strategize funding for Afghanistan’s future

    KABUL, Afghanistan – Military and government representatives from 10 donor nations met to strategize Afghan National Defense and Security Forces funding and review progress on current initiatives meant to strengthen the country’s security institutions.

    Known as the Kabul Friends of Chicago, the group consists of partners invested in Afghanistan and its security. Representatives from the Canadian, Australian, Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, United Kingdom and United States embassies were present at the quarterly session….”

    Mark Collins

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