Mark Collins – How Can Canada Deal with Chicoms?

Terry Glavin lays out how compromised our political parties are, during this election campaign, in trying to uncome the grips of the Dragon

Who can Canadians trust to cope with China?
More from Terry Glavin

…As impolite as it may be to put the question in these terms, it is about who should be most trusted to keep Canada from the harm that the gluttonous Leninist kleptocracy in Beijing unavoidably causes us all.

…Canada has been left both vulnerable to unseemly diplomatic compromises with dirty Chinese money and economically exposed to plummeting resource commodity prices – oil, natural gas, copper, coal, iron, the lot…

Remember one’s soul and a mess of pottage? Very much to the point:

Dragon’s Canadian Diplomacy: “shut up”

Dragon to Beaver: Suck it Up, Make Big Bucks…

Dragoncouver Millionaires–and Ordinary Canadians

Filthy Chinese Yuan in Canada, or, Terry Glavin (perhaps) Intel Analyst

Rich Chinese No Longer Coming to Québec–Even to Leave It

Mark Collins – Top Dragon Purging On/Chinese Economy’s “Oopsies”

Socialism With Chinese Characteristics, or, How Chicom Capitalism Really Works

Anyone really think there is any sort of beneficent, mutually beneficial, relationship? Honest? But those dreamed-for big bucks, eh? Chicoms count on our need and greed. With considerable realism.

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


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