Mark Collins – New Canadian Government vs ISIS: No Bombing–Canadian Commentary

A selection at the ever-valuable SOMNIA (Canadian Forces College’s Spotlight on Military News and International Affairs)

Tasha Kheiriddin | iPolitics

The ground just shifted under Trudeau’s feet

Jeffrey Simpson | The Globe and Mail
As allies gear up, Trudeau ramps down
Kelly McParland | National Post
Liberals are stuck with bad promises in new situations

Thomas Juneau | The Globe and Mail
Why Canada should continue air strikes against ISI

Patrick Martin | The Globe and Mail
Are air strikes the most effective way to defeat Islamic State?
Terry Glavin | National Post
There is only one proper liberal way forward in this ISIL struggle

Matt Gurney | National Post
Canada should stay in the fight against ISIL

David Perry [CGAI Senior Defence Analyst] | iPolitics
Taking the fight to Islamic State doesn’t have to mean airstrikes

Political honeymoons can be rather shortened by events, dear boy.

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


One thought on “Mark Collins – New Canadian Government vs ISIS: No Bombing–Canadian Commentary”

  1. The military component is important but the far more important part is stopping the spread of the Wahhabi religion.

    That will mean the NATO countries including Canada having to risk losing their massive arms sales. Are they up for that?

    Doubtful, so we will be playing this game again in the near future and we can all pretend to be shocked when it happens.

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