Mark Collins – RCN’s Canadian Surface Combatant Will be Foreign Design

Makes sense, the major European players are included plus one American:

Results of pre-qualification process for Canadian Surface Combatant

Public Services and Procurement Canada today announced the results of the pre-qualification process, the first step in the competitive procurement process to select a Combat Systems Integrator and a Warship Designer for the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC). 

For the Combat Systems Integrator, the pre-qualified firms are: 

  • Atlas Elektronik GmbH
  • Lockheed Martin Canada [bets?]
  • Saab Australia Pty Ltd. 
  • Selex ES S.p.A.
  • Thales Nederland B.V.
  • ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems GmbH

For the Warship Designer, the pre-qualified firms are: 

  • Alion-JJMA Corp.[US]
  • BAE Systems Surface Ships Limited [UK]
  • DCNS SA [France]
  • Fincantieri S.p.A. Naval Vessels Business Unit [Italy]
  • Navantia SA [Spain]
  • Odense Maritime Technology [Denmark]
  • ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems GmbH [Germany]

[See these earlier posts on “A Buyer’s Guide to the Frigate Market”.]

The next step in the CSC procurement process calls for industry engagement sessions between Canada, Irving Shipbuilding (as the CSC Prime Contractor) and the pre-qualified firms to develop the Request for Proposals documents. The outcome of these competitive solicitations will be the selection of a Combat Systems Integrator and a Warship Designer who will become first-tier subcontractors to Irving Shipbuilding for the CSC Definition Contract, through which the CSC design will be developed to a production-ready state. The Definition Contract should be awarded to Irving Shipbuilding by early 2017.

Via Philippe Lagassé at twitter.

But will the new government provide the bunch of money needed to get the 15 ships the RCN wants?

The Incredible Shrinking RCN Canadian Surface Combatant Fleet, or…

I’m pretty certain it’s beyond this government (as it was the previous one) seriously to answer this question of mine from well over two years ago:

What Is the RCN For?

See also for more context, not advocacy:

Italian Navy’s Offshore Patrol Vessel Plans (RCN?), Part 2

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


7 thoughts on “Mark Collins – RCN’s Canadian Surface Combatant Will be Foreign Design”

  1. The more I chew on it and see what Russia and China are doing with missiles I have to wonder how survivable are the CSC ships going to be in many scenarios? In the days of satellites, 1000 mile anti ship missiles and Russian long range bombers are we guilty of planning for the last war? How useful is a CSC if it can’t get into range to fire and how useful is it really if it has to operate from 1000 miles out?

    For protecting the coast for example would we be better off developing and building a shore based anti ship system like China is doing? They have tested a 1000 mile anti-ship missile on the Super Hornet, is that a better way to protect the shore? More submarines? Do we need to start thinking about long range bombers of our own?(I hope not)

    If all you need is a corvette to fire long range missiles as the Russians have shown would we be better off with a larger fleet of smaller, faster less observable vessels? First the cruiser then the destroyer seem to be a relics of the past, should the frigate be next?

  2. Meanwhile the whole National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy looks like it’s up the creek without paddles:

    ‘Shipbuilding strategy needs work to get ballooning costs under control, ministers told
    ‘Government will be asked to make some significant decisions soon,’ document obtained by CBC News says

    The government’s massive $39-billion national shipbuilding procurement strategy (NSPS) is in need of repair, with costs for some projects soaring by as much as 181 per cent and others on the cusp of being cancelled, according to briefing materials prepared for some Liberal ministers.

    CBC News has learned Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and Public Services Minister Judy Foote were warned the government needed to institute a four-point “action plan” to get the program back on track.

    They were told budgets set under the procurement strategy process were out of line and “did not adequately account for risks and uncertainty.”

    As a result, the government would have to “review costing for all NSPS projects and seek funding decisions where budgets are aligned with cost estimates.”

    That suggests the $39-billion program could be set to grow even larger, or that parts of it could be cancelled…

    …the price for three coast guard science vessels to be built under the government program had ballooned from an estimated $244 million in 2009 to $687 million in 2015, an increase of 181 per cent.

    That project was awarded to the Seaspan’s Vancouver Shipyard. The briefing assigned no blame but suggested there were improvements the B.C.-based shipbuilder could make.

    “Vancouver Shipyards needed to find skilled staff, establish capability to increase design work and learn how to use new facilities,” the briefing material said…

    There was also a warning that another planned coast guard ship, the offshore oceanographic science vessel (OOSV), would need to have its funding envelope increased, as would the multi-billion-dollar replacement program for Canada’s frigates.

    The frigate program is for up to 15 so-called Canadian surface combatants (CSC) and has a rough budget of $26.2 billion. Those ships are to be built at the Irving Shipyards Inc. facility in Halifax.

    No design has been selected for those vessels and the government has not decided on their intended capabilities. The warning of cost increases so early in development suggests there is some problem other than design…

    “Government will be asked to make some significant decisions soon, including one on whether to approve the [increased] funding of OOSV and additional funding for CSC,” the document said, even though neither program has resulted in a completed design…’

    Yikes. More at,90990.msg1403430.html#msg1403430

    Mark Collins

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