Mark Collins – Canadian Government’s Shipbuilding (Navy, Coast Guard) Balls-Up Update

The new government looks like it will be in just as much a mess as the previous one–all politics and jobs! jobs! jobs.  Further to this post (note important supply ship “update” below),

RCN Interim Supply Ship Shocker: Davie Deal Delayed–Then Scuttled?

the reactions:

Quebec ‘will simply not accept’ halting of Davie supply ship deal: [Premier] Couillard

Shipbuilding Association of Canada…Implores the government to sign the Davie supply ship contract without further delay 
[Irving, Halifax and Seaspan, Vancouver are not members of the association]

Irving Shipbuilding fires back at shipbuilding association criticism

Seaspan joins fight against $700M Davie supply ship deal

Update: The government has just announced that the the Davie interim supply ship will go ahead.

Plus the big picture:

Shipbuilding strategy needs work to get ballooning costs under control, ministers told

‘Government will be asked to make some significant decisions soon,’ document obtained by CBC News says

[Nova Scotia Premier] McNeil asks [MND] Harjit Sajjan for reassurance on shipbuilding deal

Leaked briefing note about cost overruns sparks questions about $39B project’s future

Very relevant:

RCN: Detailed Examination of National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy

The Incredible Shrinking RCN: National Post Nails Government
[note further links]

The Incredible Shrinking RCN Canadian Surface Combatant Fleet, or…

RCN’s Canadian Surface Combatant Will be Foreign Design

Not just the common or garden government SNAFU; rather a real case of FUBAR.

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


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