Mark Collins – What Canada, if any?

Ujjal Dosanj, an erstwhile federal Liberal cabinet minister amongst other things, berates Canadian political correctness:

By silencing white men, Canada can’t have an honest debate about equality, race and culture

I read our [new] prime minister declaring to The New York Times Magazine [see here], “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada…There are shared values — openness, respect, compassion, willingness to work hard, to be there for each other, to search for equality and justice. Those qualities are what make us the first post national state.”

Does that mean anything goes in Canada?

That there is no mainstream means there are many streams. It also implies that the streams never merge and mingle; the streams live on parallel to others, isolated and apart from each other. If so, how do we build a society with high degree of social solidarity and cohesion?

How do we develop shared values that the prime minister claims we have if all the streams do not at some point merge to create the mainstream?

A country of the world

If Mr. Trudeau was right about the absence of Canadian core identity and mainstream, we wouldn’t have any shared values.

The truth is we have a core Canadian identity; that is the reason we have the shared values that Mr. Trudeau so justly and proudly speaks of.

We are not post national — whatever that means. But we are a country of the world; our core identity and core values make us so. If we do not defend that core identity and the core values that define us, they will wither away. Canada will be diminished — a tragic loss to the world that according to Bono of U2 needs more Canadas.

It seems some of us have so thoroughly shamed the white men into complete submission regarding our misplaced belief that Canada has no core identity or core values; so much so that even our prime minister won’t defend what was so dear to his own father — what he had fought so hard for.

On matters of race, religion, culture and national identity of Canada the white men are reduced to either silence or non sequiturs.

My three children and six grandchildren born and raised in Canada know no other country as their own. They have a great stake in a healthy, humane, socially just and prosperous Canada.

If the white men of Canada can’t overcome the fear of rebuke from the enforcers of fear, Canadians can’t ever have an honest debate about the state of equality, race, culture and the place and space for religion and other languages in Canada.

These are important questions that need frank debates unless we want to live in our silos, isolated from others…


Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


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