Mark Collins – Ein Problem für die eiserne Kanzlerin: Kölnisch Wasser

1) A brilliant cartoon in the Globe and Mail:


(Brian Gable/The Globe and Mail) 

2) A column in the paper the same day by Margaret Wente:

Germany’s brutal immigrant awakening 

The mass assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, in the shadow of Germany’s most historic and beautiful cathedral, are destined to become a defining moment in the immigration debate that is tearing Europe apart. After Cologne, the ugly truth can no longer be ignored. The assailants, described by a senior German official, Ralf Jaeger, as being mainly Arab and North African men, including asylum seekers who arrived in the past year, come from cultures that are deeply misogynistic. Their attitudes toward women are the worst possible fit with Europe’s tolerant, sexually egalitarian liberal norms.

A large number of Europe’s swift and sudden torrent of newcomers are young, single men, jobless and unmoored. The idea that they can be integrated quickly or easily is just a fantasy…

Until now, sensitivity to anti-immigrant backlash has prevented honest talk about sexual misconduct among immigrant men; such talk has been condemned as racist in the past. In Norway, for example, there have been reports that immigrants commit a disproportionate number of rapes, but there was pushback. Mainstream politicians and the media have been terrified of inciting xenophobia and fuelling the rise of the right-wing parties.

But what happened in Cologne was too big to cover up. News has now emerged of similar New Year’s Eve assaults in Austria, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden, as well as other German cities. The Viennese police chief has warned women not to go out alone at night. Sweden is now dealing with its own cover-up at a music festivallast summer, where young girls were assaulted by hundreds of mostly Afghan men. As the official in charge of the festival’s policing told a local news source, “We sometimes dare not to say how it is because we think it might play into the hands of the [right-wing] Sweden Democrats.”..

European women aren’t the only victims. Female asylum-seekers fare much worse. They are routinely subjected to sex trafficking, forced marriage, rape and assault at the hands of smugglers, male asylum-seekers and their own husbands. Some barricade themselves in shelters to ward off sexual attacks.

…even now, some of Europe’s liberal humanitarians are still in deep denial. In an interview with Der Spiegel, Cologne’s mayor expressed genuine shock that so many immigrant men do not act like German men. What’s needed, Ms. Reker said, is more language and integration courses, to give them a better grasp of German culture (which begs the question of whether they are interested in grasping it). As for how to behave at public festivals, she thinks pictograms might help…

As for avoiding a right-wing backlash, it’s way too late. After years of official lies and cover-ups, it’s already here.

Great linking by the Globe, by the way.  Plus worth the read by Matthew Fisher of Postmedia News, on some Muslim males’ attitudes (mainly outside Europe):

Abhorrent behaviour by some refugees in Cologne could poison the well for others


Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


5 thoughts on “Mark Collins – Ein Problem für die eiserne Kanzlerin: Kölnisch Wasser”

  1. A friend with recent experience in Egypt responds:

    “What did they expect? Young Arab males behave badly enough in their own countries towards females. These kind of events are common in Cairo etc. where they are pushed under the carpet by misogynist authorities. How naïve can Europeans be especially when we saw the large proportion of young males amongst the refugees. Wouldn’t be surprised to find radical political elements among them too.”

    Mark Collins

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