Mark Collins – Canadian Defence Review (note F-35)

Two pieces based on talks with the new Minister of National Defence–note the significant domestic focus, plus the interest in UK and Australian reviews.  But how much money will really be there (it is impossible to believe there will be enough for the RCN’s plans)?  And to what extent will the review reflect a coherent strategic/foreign policy assessment of national interests?

1) Defence minister: Military review to be completed by end of 2016

2) Requirements for new fighter jets are being redrawn, defence minister says

Very relevant:

UK Strategic Defence and Security Review: Trying to Stop the Incredible Shrinking

CGAI “2015 Status Report on Major Defence Equipment Procurements”

RCAF: “The F-35 if necessary, but not necessarily the F-35”

And as I wrote in a 2013 post:

…if each service tries to go on being as all-singing and all-dancing as possible each is likely to end up not performing all that well. The government needs to make some some very difficult choices to focus the services, and abandon some capabilities so as to be able to afford and maintain others. That means the government must decide what types of missions/roles each service must be able to perform (as opposed to “nice to have”) and how much it is willing to pay for the personnel and equipment so that those missions/roles can be carried out effectively and efficiently…

We’ll see how rigourous this government’s examination of Canada’s defence realities is.

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


7 thoughts on “Mark Collins – Canadian Defence Review (note F-35)”

  1. Still seems very odd the Liberals would select any 4th gen aircraft, irrespective of price, for Canada’s Air Force operations out to the year 2050. It seems ludicrous they would select any 4th gen aircraft since they all cost more than the F-35.

    It would be like the Federal Civil Service would satisfy the need for new cell phones by deciding re-equip their staff with Flip Phones.

    And then select Flippers that actually cost more than a smart phone and deliver much less capability.

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