Mark Collins – Canadian Army Truckin’ at Last (whiff of porc?)–Not So Fast!

Further to this post last July, we now have a legal challenge (how many blinking years to buy blinking trucks?)!

Oshkosh Disputes Canadian Truck Award to Mack

Oshkosh Defense [website here] is challenging the Canadian government’s decision to award Mack Trucks a major vehicle contract for the Canadian Forces…

Oshkosh is asking a Canadian government trade tribunal to overturn the CAN $834 million (US $583 million) contract and order the restart of the program to supply the Canadian military with 1,500 trucks…

An industry source said some companies appear to be getting frustrated with Canada’s procurement system, and its rules that sometimes seem to be arbitrary. More such challenges could come forward, the source added.

The recently elected Liberal Party government has vowed to improve Canada’s cumbersome and often criticized procurement system. Both the Liberal government and the previous Conservative Party government have called for changes to the system…

The two contracts were awarded in July 2015 by the previous Conservative Party government.

Mack Defense, of Allentown, Pennsylvania [website here], was selected to provide 1,500 standard military pattern trucks and related equipment for the Canadian Forces…

Still stuck in that procurement rasputitsa:

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


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