Mark Collins – New Canadian Coast Guard Icebreaker: Schedule and Costs

Looks like timing may be slipping a bit to the right and we’ll have to see about costs–what the government has said:

Contract Award for Construction Engineering: 2016-17
Contract award for construction: 2018-19
Delivery of Polar Icebreaker: 2021-22

Progress Report and Explanation of Variances: Federal budgets 2008 and 2012 allocated funding for the procurement of Canada’s first Polar Icebreaker. Total funding of up to $1,297.7 million has been earmarked for the execution of this project…

And what the CCG is now saying:

Coast Guard: new $1.3 billion Arctic icebreaker to be ready by 2022
Work [but not construction] on CCGS John G. Diefenbaker to start in 2017


A conceptual rendering of the CCGS John G. Diefenbaker, which the government hopes to launch in 2022. (COAST GUARD PHOTO)
A conceptual rendering of the CCGS John G. Diefenbaker, which the government hopes to launch [have delivered] in 2022. (COAST GUARD PHOTO)


The Liberal government expects engineering work on a new heavy duty icebreaker will start in 2017, with delivery of the $1.3 billion polar class icebreaker by 2022, a Coast Guard spokesperson said Jan. 26.

The CCGS John G. Diefenbaker, named after the Progressive Conservative prime minister who served from 1957 to 1963, will be built by Seaspan Marine Corp. of British Columbia and will replace the Louis St. Laurent, which Canada launched in 1968.

In 2013, the Conservative government announced cost increases for building the icebreaker that brought its price tag up to $1.3 billion from the $720 million they originally budgeted. 

The Coast Guard spokesperson confirmed by e-mail that it still expects the ship to be delivered for that price but continues “to monitor the impacts of the timing of the construction and factors such as inflation and currency fluctuations on the cost.”..

…the Coast Guard can…confirm that [only] one new icebreaker is planned right now. 

Pre-construction engineering will begin at Seaspan’s Vancouver Shipyards in 2017, with a construction contract to follow in 2019…

On verra.  An earlier wild-ass suggestion of mine:

Why not more Canadian Coast Guard Icebreakers Instead of RCN JSS?

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


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