Mark Collins – Dragon Arrests Canadian: Retaliation for Our Help vs Chinese Spooking Against US?

Further to this post,

Chinese Cyberspooks Stealing F-35 (and other) Secrets via Canada

One suspects our new government will play down the matter as it seeks sunny commercial advantage with the Chicoms:

China charges Canadian with spying, stealing state secrets

After 18 months of holding him without charges, Chinese authorities have accused Kevin Garratt of “accepting tasks” to gather intelligence on China for Canadian spy services.

An investigation found evidence that the Canadian man had engaged in espionage, China’s central state-run Xinhua News Agency said in a two-paragraph update late Thursday [Jan. 28].

Mr. Garratt was charged with spying and stealing state secrets in Dandong, the northeastern Chinese city where he and his wife, Julia, ran a popular coffee shop near a river overlooking North Korea before they were detained Aug. 4, 2014…

…[The] indictment comes as the Trudeau government, in a major departure from China policy under the Harper government, said it wants to pursue a free-trade agreement that China has long sought. Mr. Trudeau is planning a high-level trip to China later this year. On Tuesday, he and Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion, along with senior officials from Global Affairs Canada, attended a reception in Ottawa to mark the 45th anniversary of Sino-Canadian relations.

Pictures from the event show Mr. Trudeau smiling as Chinese Ambassador Luo Zhaohui showed photos from his father Pierre Trudeau’s visit with Mao Zedong in 1973.

It’s not clear what impact, if any, the indictment will have on current efforts toward a warmer relationship between the two countries. Despite cross-Pacific frictions under Conservative leadership, Liberal governments in Canada have a history of maintaining closer relations with Beijing…

The Garratts’ detention is widely seen as reprisal for Canada’s arrest of Su Bin, a Chinese citizen wanted by the United States for allegedly playing a central role in the electronic theft of fighter-jet engineering documents. A Canadian court has ruled that the case against Mr. Su is strong enough to warrant his extradition to the United States; he has appealed.

The Globe and Mail reported last week [see link at start of this post] that U.S. prosecutors believe Chinese military officers helped in the hacking. Last Friday, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry called those allegations groundless, saying “Chinese government agencies and military object to and never conduct any kind of network-hacking operation.

In August 2014, mentioning the Garratt case:

Dragon to Beaver: Suck it Up, Make Big Bucks–Plus That Chinese “Exodus”

Nice people with whom to try and do decent business, eh?  At least let us not try to fool ourselves about realities:

Dragon Still Torturing

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


4 thoughts on “Mark Collins – Dragon Arrests Canadian: Retaliation for Our Help vs Chinese Spooking Against US?”

  1. And from Terry Glavin recently:

    ‘Cut the propaganda on a free trade deal with China

    As Justin Trudeau’s fresh young Team Canada recruits go about the business of entrenching the decrepit Liberal party establishment’s mishmash of cynical and starry-eyed obsequies to Beijing as the new government’s signature foreign policy and international trade strategy, the least the rest of us should expect is that we not be taken for fools and treated like idiots.

    It’s all so comical, and the propaganda attending to the initiative has been so transparently lame, that it almost isn’t worth getting worked up about…

    …there have been cozy chats between conveniently unnamed members of Trudeau’s inner circle and friendly national media personalities about what a lovely arrangement a Canada-China free trade deal would be. Unabated by any constraints arising from the duty of solidarity Canadian journalists owe their Chinese colleagues, and unburdened by either the duty of “transparency” or the sunny-ways sanctity of “Canadian values” that the new Liberal government claims to champion, Canada’s financial press has provided the Canada-China Business Council with its customary fawning stenography.

    …a little less of the sanctimonious hogwash about sunny ways, and a hell of a lot less of the cheap propaganda, please.’

    Fellow sure can write.

    Mark Collins

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