Mark Collins – Poor POTUS Afghanistan Update

Further to this post, 

More Combat for US Troops in Afghanistan…

the president just can’t find a decent way to get outta there–latest:

Obama forced again to rethink troop numbers in Afghanistan 

White House sees Afghanistan in a difficult situation

US defence secretary warns of tough fighting season this year

At least the president, however reluctantly, is willing to try to deal with the actually-existing situation and not bug-out in terms of doing some hard-lifting things; he certainly is no pacifist though (perhaps sensibly) a reluctant warrior.


Afghanistan: NATO and US to Keep Substantial Troops Through 2016
[no Canadians though]

How Bleak for Afghanistan?

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


3 thoughts on “Mark Collins – Poor POTUS Afghanistan Update”

  1. And more combat:

    “U.S. Broadens Fight Against ISIS With Attacks in Afghanistan

    The United States has carried out at least a dozen operations — including commando raids and airstrikes — in the past three weeks against militants in Afghanistan aligned with the Islamic State, expanding the Obama administration’s military campaign against the terrorist group beyond Iraq and Syria.

    The operations followed President Obama’s decision last month to broaden the authority of American commanders to attack the Islamic State’s new branch in Afghanistan. The administration — which has been accused by Republicans of not having a strategy to defeat the group — is revamping plans for how it fights the terrorist organization in regions where it has developed affiliates.

    Many of these recent raids and strikes in Afghanistan have been in the Tora Bora region of Nangarhar Province — an inhospitable, mountainous area in the eastern part of the country, near the border with Pakistan…”

    Mark Collins

  2. “The U.S. was supposed to leave Afghanistan by 2017. Now it might take decades.”

    Is Canada supposed to stay there for decades as well? I hate to keep stating the obvious but if the US hadn’t thrown arms and money at every war lord that breathed in Afghanistan, 9/11 and every thing that has followed wouldn’t have happened. And the future wouldn’t look like this.

    China, Pakistan, India and others in the region all want to help end the violence in Afghanistan. They can’t because the US is still bound and determined to be in charge. Why not leave it to the locals that have a far better understanding of the situation there than any one in the west has as well as far better relations. Worse the US has a conflict of interest in that the biggest thing they could do to help Afghanistan is stop the billions the KSA send to the region to promote hatred. But the Americans can’t do that because thn the KSA may not want to buy arms from them any more.

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