Mark Collins – Winter 2015/16 Edition of CDA Institute’s “ON TRACK”

From a message received from the Conference of Defence Associations Institute; the first three pieces in particular are very much worth the read, especially with this recent post in mind: “US Defense Secretary Carter’s Tough Strategic View“:

Ottawa, 4 February 2016 – The CDA Institute is pleased to release the latest issue of ON TRACK which features thoughtful and informative articles by experts from Canada and abroad on security and defence issues. 
See full issue at: 

  • “Editorial – Iconoclastic Ideas in Defence” by Dr. John Scott Cowan
  • “Sunny Ways in a Darkening World: A Critical Look at Emerging Canadian Defence Policy” by Richard Cohen
  • “Canada-US Strategic Relations” by Dr. David Bercuson
  • “Canada’s Directorate of Arms Control Verification” by Colonel P.J. Williams
  • “Albion and Marianne: Reflections on Anglo-French Defence Cooperation” by Dr. Meghan Fitzpatrick
  • “Stuck in the Middle: South Korea’s Strategic Response to China’s Rise” by Dr. Ian Bowers
  • “China in the South China Sea: Maintaining Strategic Ambiguity while Changing Facts on the Ground” by Adam MacDonald
  • “Reflections on the Sino-Russian Relationship” by David Law
  • “Quelle stratégie pour Moscou vis-à-vis des Etats de factor pour donner naissance au processus de Guerre hybride ?” par Michael Lambert
  • “Deterrence Concepts in the Baltic Sea Region” by Magnus Christiansson
  • “A Minimum Deterrence Nuclear Posture and the Challenge of Deterrence Failure” by Nancy Jane Teeple
  • “Russia-US Security Dilemma Intensifies: Moscow Doubles Down on ‘Doombsday’ Technologies” by Dr. Douglas A. Ross

As for nuclear matters and Russia, do have a look at these posts:

NORAD and Russian Cruise Nukes: “de-escalation”?

Russian Bombers and Cruise Missiles: Should Me Worry?

NORAD and Russia Upping the Blackjack Ante

NORAD Note: Russian Bomber (with cruise missiles) Strikes in Syria

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


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