Mark Collins – Syria: The Horror, The Horror

Further to this post,

Syria: Endless Blood?

how can one want any side in the civil war to win and how can one imagine any sort of decent peace given what people are doing to each other?

In Syria, war crimes don’t take sides, U.N. report says

They were prisoners of war on different sides of a conflict that’s raged for nearly five years. But all of them faced a horrifying reality, according to a new report on Syria released by the United Nations.

Torture, mass executions and other war crimes have been carried out against detainees held by groups on practically all sides of the fighting, according to the report released Monday by the U.N. Commission of Inquiry on Syria.

The Syrian government, armed anti-government groups and armed terrorist groups including ISIS and al Nusra Front (al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate) all systematically committed murders, rapes or other forms of sexual violence, torture, imprisonment, enforced disappearance and other acts, the report says…

I wrote earlier:

What to Do About the Bloody Middle East?

Poor bloody locals.  If the West is truly willing to sort things out right now, are we then willing to rule–one way or another–for some decades or so to try to ensure things work out wellish?  Triple double HAH!  Given no willingness for, or today in the West intellectual acceptance of, such a prospect, then let us just face things honestly:

The US and the Middle East: Just. Give. Up

What with neo-colonialism no longer allowed, even conceivable.

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


9 thoughts on “Mark Collins – Syria: The Horror, The Horror”

  1. From Alistair Crooke ex MI6. Social media is stuffed full of the pictures he refers to. More though, towns are sundering or switching allegiances to the Assad govt on a regular basis now.

    “Nor, it seems, is Syria heading toward a low-intensity guerrilla war in the aftermath of any military victory on the ground. The scenes below, showing people’s jubilation when the Syrian Army and Hezbollah forces entered villages that had been retaken from rebel forces this week, tell a different story:”

    “Put simply, should Nusra members (who are mainly Syrian) and other rebels try to disperse and hide amongst local communities, there will be no water in which these fish can swim, to paraphrase the Maoist adage. They will find little or no public support. Syria has a very effective intelligence service. We may expect that within a year, most of the disbanded jihadists will have been found out and reported to the intelligence services by locals, who suffered grievously under their occupation. Most will be arrested or killed.”

  2. A friend with considerable historical knowledge replies:

    “Not even neo-colonialism works in such situations. Unless Putin’s strategy works: all opposition to Assad is thus destroyed; Assad becomes a a Russian puppet; and peace is maintained by traditional Russian/Soviet repression. Chechnya an example?”

    Chechnya a good one:
    View story at

    Mark Collins

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