Mark Collins – Boeing, SAAB Promoting Military Versions of Bombardier Bizjets

Read all about it:

Boeing’s Maritime Aircraft Options Dominate Singapore Airshow

SINGAPORE: Saab introduces GlobalEye AEW aircraft

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Earlier on the Boeing project:

Boeing Teams with Bombardier [and Field Aviation] on New Maritime Patrol Plane, Part 4

And there’s also an Israeli project:

Another Proposal for Bombardier-Based Jet Maritime Patrol Aircraft

However any sales that may eventually occur won’t affect the need for this:

Want to Bet Against Feds Bailing Out Bombardier?

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


8 thoughts on “Mark Collins – Boeing, SAAB Promoting Military Versions of Bombardier Bizjets”

  1. This will really up pressure on feds to bail out:

    “Bombardier to cut up to 7,000 jobs but signs jet deal with Air Canada for 45 CSeries
    Air Canada to buy up to 75 of Bombardier’s CS300 aircraft

    Montreal-based Bombardier plans to cut its workforce by up to 7,000 people even as the airline has finally signed a deal to sell its CSeries jets to a major North American airline.

    Bombardier said Wednesday up to 2,000 of the total cuts will be contractors.

    Most of the job losses will be in Canada and Europe and be partly offset by hiring in certain areas, such as its new CSeries aircraft program. Worldwide, Bombardier currently has 3,450 people working in its CSeries division, a figure the company expects to rise as it ramps up sales and production.

    The company has 64,000 employees globally. The aerospace and rail equipment company says the job cuts will begin in the coming weeks and be completed by 2017.

    The number of jobs affected include:

    3,200 from its transportation division.
    2,500 from its aerostructures and engineering services division.
    800 from its aerospace product development engineering group.
    500 from its business aircraft unit.

    The company said no jobs will be cut from its commercial aircraft unit, which includes the CSeries…

    Air Canada to buy CSeries jets

    But in announcing the layoffs, Bombardier also revealed an Air Canada order for the largest model of Bombardier’s new CSeries jets.

    Air Canada has signed a letter of intent to purchase 45 of Bombardier’s CS300 aircraft with options for an additional 30 planes. Based on the list price of the CS300, Bombardier says a firm order would be worth about $3.8 billion…”

    Lots more at the story. And Northern Irish are not happy:

    “Bombardier Cuts Deal Blow To Belfast Economy

    Job losses announced by the Canadian firm come after a bleak 18 months for manufacturing in Northern Ireland.

    Bombardier, the Canadian aircraft and rail manufacturer, is to cut some 580 jobs this year and 500 next year at its factory in east Belfast.

    That equates to getting on for one in five of the site’s 5,500 workforce.

    It’s another hammer blow for manufacturing in Northern Ireland, already the poorest-performing economy of the UK’s 12 regions.

    Bombardier, based in Montreal, is a major player in the province’s manufacturing sector…”

    Mark Collins

  2. SAAB also has a Bombardier Q400 turboprop version for maritime patrol:

    ‘SINGAPORE: Saab’s Swordfish MPA rolls out onto new airframes

    Saab is to integrate its Swordfish maritime patrol system on two new airframes, the Bombardier Q400 turboprop and Global 6000 business jet, extending the product from the legacy Saab 2000 platform.

    The extension of the product line has been driven by the emergence of an increased maritime threat leading to a requirement for more capability and flexibility from the aircraft.

    “This has resulted in Saab having a lot of discussions with our potential customers regarding future requirements in the field of maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare, which we have put in to develop our Swordfish MPA system,” says Joakim Mevius, head of airborne ISR at Saab…’

    Mark Collins

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