Mark Collins – Libya: Serious Western Intervention Approaching? Canada?

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Back to Libya’s Shifting Sands: Western Action vs ISIS?

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Libya Next?

What could possibly go wrong?

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


10 thoughts on “Mark Collins – Libya: Serious Western Intervention Approaching? Canada?”

  1. Hmm–at Foreign Policy’s “Situation Report”, note SOF on ground:

    The Wall Street Journal reports that the Italian government will allow the U.S. to use Naval Air Station Sigonella as a base for armed drone strikes against the Islamic State in Libya. Sort of. Armed drones can now use the base, but only on the condition that they be used to protect U.S. special operations forces in Libya and not actively target senior members of the Islamic State for assassination. The restriction is a reflection of Italy’s political anxiety about the potential domestic opposition should Sigonella become the base for a controversial drone strike campaign — anxiety likely not helped by reports that a manned U.S. fighter jet may have accidentally killed two Serbian diplomats in a strike in Libya last week…’

    Mark Collins

  2. Italians getting cold feet? At, further links at original:

    Libya: The rest of the fracas

    “Hillary Clinton Says She Supports Using Special Forces in Libya” – “Hillary: “An Absence Of Action Would Have Probably Turned Libya Into Syria,” Ultimately Was Obama’s Decision”

    “Italy will not intervene in Libya: Renzi” – “Renzi against sending troops to Libya” – “Italian Premier Shuns Sending Troops to Libya” – “Up to Italy to decide on Libya says U.S. embassy”

    “At Least 45 Dead After Clashes Involving ‘Terrorists’ Near Libya-Tunisia Border”

    “Former Italian hostage in Libya says escape aided by nail”

    “IS kidnapping migrants at gunpoint to fight in Libya”

    “53 killed in Tunisia border city in suspected Islamic State raid out of Libya” – “Tunisia says Libya attack aimed to set up ISIL ’emirate’ “

    “General Khalifa Haftar: Man on whose shoulders ‘Peace’ in Libya rests”..’

    Mark Collins

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