Mark Collins – “Terry Glavin: Iran’s fake reformers win bogus elections”

Mr Glavin, in a very well-researched piece, demolishes our new elite consensus–and a lot of people around the world including POTUS:

In the matter of respectable opinion on the subject of last weekend’s sham elections in Iran, a new kind of Canadian consensus can be discerned from the headlines. Here is a representative sampling: “Iranian moderates win majority in parliament, clerical body;” “Iranian reformists win all parliamentary seats in Tehran;” “Far from perfect, but democracy is in Iran (yes, really).”

This is all almost entirely rubbish, most obviously because it requires a suspension of disbelief made possible by a cavalier indifference to the objective meaning of words — such as “reformists” and “moderates.” But it allows a new unanimity of convenience among the regime’s Canadian apologists, the corporate lobbyists chafing for all those post-sanctions business opportunities and Canada’s new, fashion-conscious Liberal government.

It’s rubbish all the same, and it stands as a rebuke to what was once a robust, evidence-based Canadian consensus about how to make sense of the theocratic torture state that calls itself the Islamic Republic of Iran. But now that U.S. President Barack Obama has unleashed a corporate free-for-all by effectively decoupling the NATO countries’ Iranian sanctions system from the cause of universal human rights, it is not at all certain that the former Canadian consensus can be sustained. It’s not even clear why we would bother trying…

More from Terry Glavin

Do read it all.  Meanwhile a particular Canadian corporate basket-case, Bombardier, is eagerly looking to Ayatollah-land (with one assumes the new government cheering it on):

Saving Bombardier’s CSeries Jetliner: Delta? Iran?

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


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