Mark Collins – Erdogan the Magnificent: The Sublime Neo-Sultan? Part 2

Further to this post, the president is acting ever more as an untrammeled overlord:

Turkish opposition newspaper turns pro-government after state takeover

Turkish President Erdogan threatens [constitutional] court’s ‘existence after it releases two journalists
The court’s ruling was ‘against the country’, he said

Whilst a leading Canadian commentator with a progressive bent (he has 31.5K twitter followers!) bemoans NATO and EU ties with the neo-sultan’s country:

It’s time to turn our backs on Erdogan’s Turkey

But Mr Saunders himself points out why for Realpolitik reasons that simply will not happen at this time:

Canada and its allies are relying on Turkey [vs ISIS–see here for US]. Our military campaign in northern Iraq and Syria, to which Ottawa is contributing more than 800 trainers and special forces, would not function without the active co-operation, including access to military bases and border openings, provided by Turkey, a long-time fellow NATO member. And Turkey, which has received and is housing close to three million Syrian refugees, is seen as being vital in preventing the refugee flood into Europe from becoming less manageable – so vital that the European Union this week struck a deal in which the Turks, in exchange for reducing the refugee flow, will be given visa-free travel in Europe, billions in financing and a more direct pathway toward eventual EU membership [in some truly fantastical future–no way EU members will allow free access to some 75 million Muslims]…

So how can the nasty contradictions be squared?

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a  Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he  tweets @Mark3Ds


6 thoughts on “Mark Collins – Erdogan the Magnificent: The Sublime Neo-Sultan? Part 2”

  1. As usual, the international multiverse being what it is, the contradictions cannot be squared. One sees Mr. Saunders’ point however, and one could see the backaway – as much as there ever will be a backaway – beginning with the US response to the November downing of the Russian fighter. The most likely outcome is that NATO leaves it to Putin to subvert/chastise Erdogan, while hoping quietly that Erdogan gives him a very hard time of it in the process. Devils and deep blue seas.

    One also sees Mr Obama’s overarching point about trying to micromanage world affairs from Washington. It is possible that he could have gotten away with it if he had realized that (a) you do have to show some kinetic resolution occasionally to maintain street cred, even if any particular act per se doesn’t make a great deal of sense, and (b) as President you have to stop thinking out loud. It telegraphs your intentions to people who are already well ahead of the telegraph. .

  2. But deal with EU looks like in jeopardy:

    Meanwhile this terrorist attack (Kurds?) in the capital will just encourage Erdogan’s cracking down hard:

    Mark Collins

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