Mark Collins – The EU and a Case For Brexit

Excerpts from a swingeing post at The Gods of the Copybook Headings blog:

Major Reservations

Guess who’s still alive?

…even our more generous readers will be inclined to heavily discount Mr Major’s opinions on anything, excepting of course cricket. Yet his article in the Sunday Telegraph provides an excellent summation of the flawed case against Brexit. My own views on Britain ditching the EU are quite simple: I would be delighted if Britain rejected the transnational rent seeking con game that is the European Union. Free trade deals are all well and good, failed quasi-federal states are something else entirely. If the Germans, Belgians and Italians wish to tax, welfare and regulate themselves into geriatric oblivion, please be my guest. Britain should do business with everyone but trust only its true allies: The Anglosphere. The British taught the world the virtues of capitalism. Let them return to those virtues and demonstrate their efficacy again to all those willing to learn…

Of all the pro-EU chestnuts this is the most venerable: The EU saved Europe from another World War. The argument has a passing plausibility, so long as you forget the presence on the European continent of large numbers of heavily armed American and Soviet troops for more than forty years. How exactly was Germany going to invade anyone again when it was covered with foreign military bases and divided in two? Europeans stopped fighting because non-Europeans – Russia is neither European or Asiatic but a unique Christian culture – made sure they stopped fighting. It requires a serious leap of the imagination to believe that Brussels bureaucrats are all that stand between peace and the armies of the Fourth Reich making their way through the Ardennes…

But there is this to consider:

Anthony Cary – The world needs Britain in the EU

…Brexit might well precipitate the break-up of the United Kingdom, since Scotland would oppose the decision [more here]. It certainly would create new tensions in Ireland because of the necessity for a land border between North and South…

Anthony Cary is a former British diplomat who served as High Commissioner to Canada and a Fellow of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute.

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


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