Mark Collins – Fissiparous Libya Update: Western Internvention (Canada?)

Further to this post, the latest at

– “French FM warns world must be prepared for military involvement, as militias oppose newly arrived UN-backed unity government head …”“UK has moral obligation to resolve Libya ‘mess’ but troops would be seen as ‘invading force’ – Blunt”
– “Libya now has three governments, none of which can actually govern”“Members of Libya’s U.N.-backed Presidential Council reached Tripoli by ship on Wednesday, defying attempts to keep them out of the city and prevent them from installing a unity government …”“Ten Libyan cities show solidarity with UN-backed unity government”“Libya Takes Huge Step Towards Reconciliation With Presidency Council”“Libya unity govt to pave way for Western military action”“Libyan scholar calls on unity government and its opponents to reconcile”
– “EU imposes sanctions on top Libyan politicians for obstructing deal— The European Union on Friday imposed sanctions on three politicians accused of obstructing a political deal for Libya, days after the head of a United Nations-backed compromise government arrived in Tripoli to take up his position …”
– “Libya unity gov’t threatens to report rivals to Interpol”
– “Three Libya Oil Ports Set to Reopen”“Libyan Ports Reopen Amid Oil Tussle”
– “Corruption risks present for Libya’s oil-based economy, report says”
– “Libya asks UN to ease sanctions on wealth fund” – “U.N. sanctions change possible when Libya government controls wealth fund”..

Meanwhile Italy has its own special interest in what happens in Libya. As for Canada

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


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