Mark Collins – Canadian “Defence Policy Review” and Consultations Go Online

From the review’s new webpage, with lots of further links (note also those at right of page):


The Department of National Defence (DND) has launched public consultations in the development of a new defence policy for Canada.

From now until July 31, 2016, we will be engaging all Canadians and many key stakeholders to discuss three fundamental areas:

1. The main challenges to Canada’s security
2. The role of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in addressing current threats and challenges
3. The resources and capabilities needed to carry out the CAF mandate

Defending Canada and protecting Canadians is the Government’s most fundamental responsibility. This review will provide the clarity needed to balance priorities, respond to emerging challenges, and invest appropriately in Canada’s military.

Why are we reviewing Canada’s defence policy?

The strategic context in which the CAF operates has shifted in the last decade, in some ways significantly. Canada is facing a range of new challenges, from the rise of terrorism in ungoverned spaces, to the expanded use of hybrid tactics in conflict, to new opportunities and vulnerabilities associated with the space and cyber domains [see “US Cyber Seriousness (plus France…and Canada?)“].

Important choices will have to be made to ensure that DND and the CAF have what they need to confront new threats and challenges in the years ahead. A credible, realistic, and evidence-based review of defence policy will ensure that DND and the CAF are able to deliver results for Canadians.

Have your say!

We are committed to engaging all Canadians on the issues and decisions that affect them. This is why we encourage you to join the online conversation and provide feedback on the type of military Canada needs to represent its interests at home and abroad.

To help guide an informed discussion, we have prepared a public consultation paper to educate and inform the public on the role of the Canadian Armed Forces and the issues affecting their current operating environment, defence capabilities, and the future defence force.

There are two main ways you can provide feedback: anonymously, via a workbook, or by joining a discussion forum, which requires you to log in and will allow you to see what others have posted and discuss the issues. Both of these services are being offered by an independent research firm.

Other ways we will engage stakeholders:

Roundtable Meetings

– Six cross-country roundtable meetings will take place with defence experts and other key stakeholders, ending in July 2016‎.

Engaging Parliament

– We have invited the House and Senate Committees on National Defence to study issues of relevance to the policy review, and we will ask Parliamentarians to encourage their constituents to engage as well.

Engaging Allies and Partners

– International Allies and partners will be engaged during bilateral and multilateral meetings, including the United States, which is Canada’s closest defence partner.

Hosting a consultation event

– Will you be hosting a defence policy consultation in your region? If so, you can have your event listed on our website by filling out this form.

And note these appointments:

A Ministerial advisory panel has also been created. Over the next year, four eminent Canadians with expertise in defence, security, foreign affairs, and legal matters will support and advise the Minister of National Defence during the policy review process. The members of the Advisory Panel are:

The Honourable Louise Arbour, former Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and a member of the Advisory Board of The Coalition for the International Criminal Court
The Honourable Bill Graham, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, and former Minister of National Defence
General (Ret’d) Raymond R. Henault, former Chief of the Defence Staff, and past Chairman of the NATO Military Committee (CMC)
Margaret Purdy, former Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet (Security and Intelligence) in the Privy Council Office, and former Associate Deputy Minister of National Defence…

The review is on twitter at #DefenceConsults. Plus a relevant post at the CDA Institute Blog: The Forum by University of Ottawa Prof. Srdjan Vucetic:

Thinking About Strategic Posture Options: Dutch lessons for Canada?
[a 3Ds Blog post of mine from 2013 is linked to in the final para]


“A letter to the New [Canadian] Minister of National Defence on the Defence Policy Review”
[note my views near the end]

Canadian Defence Review: CDA Institute Analyses

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


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