Mark Collins – Canadian Army’s Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle Arriving Two Years Late

Actually pretty good in light of our military procurements generally (see Army trucks). Further to this February 2015 post,

Another Canadian Forces’ Procurement Slides Right–Army’s Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle

the current situation:

Canada to receive new TAPVs by end of 2016

A pre-production Canadian TAPV is shown with applique armour package and the Kongsberg Protector remote weapon station. Source: Textron Marine & Land Systems

The Canadian Army expects to receive its new Textron Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) by the end of 2016, following two years of delays [the vehicles are of course being assembled in Canada in–guess where?–Quebec!].

The 500-vehicle fleet is to be distributed across seven bases and 24 units. The 2nd Canadian Division [not an operational formation, rather a geographical expression] is scheduled to be the first formation to operate the TAPV, which it will premiere during a High Readiness Training Cycle that culminates in Exercise ‘Maple Resolve 2018’, the army said in an 8 April announcement.

The service hopes to declare full operational capability by mid-2020 after all operators are trained and user trials and operational exercises are complete, it added.

Schedule delays have set the programme back by about two years, the army noted, but Textron’s testing and qualification activities are “currently more than 50% complete and planned to be finished by May 2016”, the army said. The Canadian Department of National Defence’s assistant deputy minister for materiel is overseeing those tests.

After qualifications, the vehicles are to begin deliveries sometime around August 2016 “and all deliveries should be completed within 17 months of that date”, the army said.

The TAPV is based on Textron Systems’ COMMANDO series of vehicles, and appears closest in configuration to the COMMANDO Elite platform [webpage here]. It is fitted with a remote weapon station that is armed with a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher and a C6 flex machine gun…

At least this programme will escape the new government’s defence review.

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


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