Mark Collins – US SecDef Carter in India Pushing Military Cooperation

Ash Carter sure has his sights set on India as a balance to China–more further to this December 2015 post,

Pentagon Continues to Woo India
[Note links near end on strong Indian ties with Russia which US would like to loosen–unlikely]

1) April 12 at Defense One’sD-Brief“:

…Carter and his New Delhi counterpart reached a preliminary deal on sharing military logistics in disaster responses, the AP reported.

What’s more, “Carter on Monday noted that India wants to move to a flat-deck design of its aircraft carriers, he said the U.S. is ‘more than willing’ to share its catapult technology used to launch fighter jets off carriers. Defense officials said that if India begins using the catapult technology, then there could be opportunities for India to buy U.S.-made FA-18 fighter jets or other aircraft that use that launching system [more on fighters below].”

But wait, there’s still more: “On Tuesday, Carter announced that the two countries have now agreed to start two more co-development projects—one for digital, helmet-mounted displays and one for biological detection system. Four other projects, valued at about $44 million, are being finalized and would involve high energy lasers, target detection, small drones and traumatic brain injury.” Read the rest, here


“Absurd”: Continuing India/France Rafale Fighter Buy Balls-Up

Pentagon Team in India for Fighter Coproduction Talks [Super Hornet, F-16V]

Will India and the United States Coproduce Fighter Aircraft?

2) April 13 at Foreign Policy’sSituation Report“:

Travels with Ash. Defense Secretary Ash Carter kicked off his trip to India with a news conference alongside Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar, announcing a series of defense agreements. Despite the pomp and circumstance, the announcements were a bit of a snoozer with few major initiatives unveiled. While previous reports had suggested the U.S. and India were in talks over to conduct joint patrols in the South China Sea, the two defense chiefs instead released a generic statement affirming the importance of freedom of navigation in the region.

India is looking to buy armed Predator drones from the United States, though it appears talks are ongoing. The U.S. and India are discussing the purchase 40 surveillance-only versions of the Predator drone, but the Indian Air Force has also expressed interest in purchasing 100 armed Predator C Avengers. In September, Indian media reported that India had purchased 10 armed Heron TP drones from Israel. Pakistan, India’s regional rival, has already acquired an armed drone, the Burraq, reportedly with the help of Chinese technology…

In spite of all the wooing the Indians will not let themselves effectively become close allies of the US.

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


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