Mark Collins – The Donald and Indiana: Truly All Over Now

Further to these posts,

The Donald: It’s All Over Now, or, This Could be the Last Time, Soon
[February 24]

The Donald: It’s All Over Now, or, This Could be the Last Time, Soon–Actually Now
[April 27]

the Cruz has been hauled down. Will the American, Canadian and other countries’ chatteratis get it? The US is simply not a part of “Western European” culture, to the extent that its populace ever has really been. Mind you the Burn goes on too. Overall the train has left the station and the love for The Donald has not been in vain

And in terms of American political colours will this be true in November?

Whoa, the blue light was my baby
And the red light was my mind…

Universal suffrage democracy (despite some lacunae in the States) can be a bitch, eh? However it all turns out in November. Remember, sad though it must be said, Hillary is essentially the black candidate as The Donald is the white one. Truly interesting times.

Do read, by an Englishman who I think gets it:

Julian Lindley-French – America First: The Trump Doctrine

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


2 thoughts on “Mark Collins – The Donald and Indiana: Truly All Over Now”

  1. A friend with a feel for American moods responds:

    “Mercantilism is at the core of Trump’s economic worldview. As to no permanent interests, no eternal enemies–scholars are actually finding that this concept has weight? Shocked! (What do they teach in IR courses?)

    It will be interesting to see if Trump decides to abrogate the NATO treaty as opposed to pulling the Euro chains which, admittedly, will be lots of fun. Equally interesting will be his take on the hugely disproportionate share of the UN’s costs borne by the US. He may even show it the door when the UN human rights body, run by the worst abusers on earth, next criticizes the US for not instituting non-gendered potties nationwide. Or something else.”

    Nice crank.

    Mark Collins

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