Mark Collins – BREXIT. Yes. UK? EU?

Ain’t universal suffrage democracy a hoot? Lots via Google. Now let’s see what it does in Scotland (Ulster?). And an indication of what it’s all about: a post from some two years ago:

The English and Europe: Never the Twain?

1) A view in 1803:

2) A view today:

Why Britain [mostly England, actually] still wants to fight Europe on the beaches

The conclusion of early thoughts from erstwhile UK ambassador, Charles Crawford:

Brexit (1): The Negotiation

…EU HQ in Brussels is already pressing the UK to make its proposals ‘quickly’. But as we have seen, nothing much specific will come from London until after the summer break and we have a new PM to drive the process ahead. Other national EU leaders in capitals will want to get into quiet informal discussions with London asap to start drawing up a Plan that can be developed later this year.

In this situation neither ‘side’ has the upper hand. As this morning’s [June 24] storms on world markets have shown, the planet’s investment money is not interested in European leaders bickering. It wants ‘stability’ and there will be huge pressure on all leaders to project ‘stability’ and act responsibly.

NB that as EU HQ has already emphasised this morning, the UK’s membership of the EU continues until it doesn’t. We continue with all the benefits and obligations of membership until we are no longer members. That means that we retain all the levers we already have for thwarting any major moves to ‘punish’ us for this decision. The more so since many EU capitals who might want to give us a good spanking will now have to reckon with their own voters clamouring for some of that old-fashioned British democracy. What? Punish UK voters for actually voting? Are you out of your minds? Quick – dust off those tumbrils!


Momentous. Huge. Unfathomable. Pick your adjective.

Take a deep breath.

Let’s start building Europe 2.0 together. The only way forward now is to talk sensibly and accept that We Now Have Something Completely Different.

On verra. Mesdames et messieurs, faites vos jeux. Recently:

BREXIT, or, Speaking for England?

BREXIT, or, the Print Media Still Rule in One Country

As for the EU–more of that democracy?

EU faces Brexit ‘contagion’ as populist parties across Europe call for referendums

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


15 thoughts on “Mark Collins – BREXIT. Yes. UK? EU?”

  1. Terry Glavin–“There’ll always be an England, where there’s a country lane, there’ll always been a WAIT MY GOD WHAT HAVE WE DONE”

    Mark Collins

  2. Margaret Macillan:

    The Britain of the future (and perhaps we will start calling it England) will be smaller, poorer, possibly meaner, and certainly less relevant in the world. That is only partly a problem for the British themselves. What should concern us all is what it means for the rest of us. The EU has been dealt a blow, perhaps a mortal one. Ms. Le Pen has already said she wants a referendum on French membership and other right-wing parties around Europe are following suit. It is not inconceivable that the EU will fall to pieces. Russian President Vladimir Putin must be laughing his head off in the Kremlin…”

    Great times for Bad Vlad, revenge for break-up of USSR?

    Mark Collins

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