Mark Collins – Canadian Special Forces vs ISIS (but not combat)/Rest of the Fight

Some openness and transparency via

DND’s latest on Operation IMPACT
“W5: an exclusive look at Canada’s commandos and the war against ISIS“What it’s really like to be a Canadian special forces soldier”“Are you a ‘cognitive warrior?’ Canada’s special forces want you”…

As for the fight more broadly, note Kurds at end:

“Moving 600K pieces of paper out of Syria: the Canadian effort to prosecute Syrian war crimes — Horrific stories of torture from Syrians account for only the smallest part of the body of evidence against the Syrian regime, says a Canadian man who founded the Commission for International Justice and Accountability. The commission has spent three years collecting war crimes evidence in Syria …”
“Syria Situation Report: June 18 – 24, 2016”
“US-backed Syria alliance pushes into Daesh border hub”
“UN concerned by reports of firebombs in Syria”
“Russia breaching international conventions, dropping lethal aerial arsenal on Aleppo, Syria”
“At least 8 Daesh terrorists killed in N. Syria during military operations”
“Hezbollah vows to send more fighters to Syria’s Aleppo”
“ISIS takes ‘hundreds of Kurds’ hostage in Manbij, rights group says”
IS Kills 20, Abducts 800 Kurdish Civilians in Northeast Aleppo

“IS Executes Its Governor of Fallujah”

“Car Bomb Kills 5 in Eastern Libya”
“14 Dead in Libyan Forces Clash With ISIS in Sirte”
“UN condemns attacks on medical facilities in Benghazi”
“Libyan government forces repel IS counterattack in Sirte”

The Kurds
“Iraq needs to be broken up, say Kurdish leaders supported by Canada”“Barzani calls for parties to meet on referendum”
“KRG officials look to export crude oil to Iran”
Attack on Kurdish media outlet “A terrorist attack on Rudaw: statement from Rudaw”“Attack on Rudaw head office in Erbil”“Update: Four injured in attack on Rudaw in stable condition”
“U.S. payments for Peshmerga expected to start in July — The United States will begin paying a stipend for Peshmerga forces fighting in the battle against the Islamic State (ISIS) in northern Iraq as early as July …”
“KRG Devoting Hard Effort to Refer Genocide of Yazidis to ICC”
“KDPI Peshmerga and Iranian Forces Clash in Northwest Iran”
“Kurdish ISIS leader killed in airstrike”

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


5 thoughts on “Mark Collins – Canadian Special Forces vs ISIS (but not combat)/Rest of the Fight”

  1. And a major story on JTF2, the cream of the Canadian Forces’ special operators:

    Plus the big story in Iraq (with video):

    “What’s next after the liberation of Fallujah?

    Iraqi forces say they have completely liberated the city of Fallujah from the Islamic State group after a monthlong operation, marking one of their biggest victories since the extremists swept across large parts of the country in 2014.

    But the IS group still controls parts of northern and western Iraq, including the country’s second largest city, Mosul. And the militants have shown they can still launch large-scale suicide bombings and other attacks. Here’s a look at what lies ahead for Iraq and the U.S.-led military coalition battling the extremists…”

    Mark Collins

  2. At on US efforts to work with Russia on Syria (further links at original):

    “U.S. offers to share intelligence on terrorists in Syria with Russia — if Moscow will stop bombing civilians” – “Obama proposes new military partnership with Russia in Syria” – “Obama proposes new military partnership with Russia in Syria” – “U.S. eyes military cooperation with Russia in Syria” – “US Proposed Deal on Syria Offers ‘Major Concessions to Russia’ “– “Propaganda Alert: Obama Proposes New Military Partnership With Russia In Syria” – “Loose Interpretation: Russian Military Criticizes Pentagon Remarks on Syria” – “A Telling US Outreach to Russia in Syria”…’

    Mark Collins

  3. More Canadian Forces trainers for Iraq/Kurds–at (further links at original):


    CAN DefMin Drops By “Harjit Sajjan Discusses ISIS Fight With Counterparts In Iraq” – “Canadian defense chief in Erbil as Ottawa decides to send bomb disposal trainers” – “Canada’s defence minister in Iraq’s Kurd region” – “President Barzani Receives Canada’s Minister of National Defense” (Kurdish President statement) – “Barzani meets with Canadian defense minister in Erbil” – “Media availability with the Minister of National Defence — Defence Minister Harjit S. Sajjan will host a teleconference on (today) to provide an update on Canada’s contribution to the Global Coalition to counter the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) …” – “Canada Continues Providing Humanitarian and Military Aids to KRG” – “Canada reaffirms humanitarian, military aid for Kurdistan Region”…’

    Mark Collins

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