Mark Collins – The Scope of Canadian Forces’ Intelligence Activities (including HUMINT)

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Under His Thumb? Proposed Canadian Parliamentary Security/Intel Review Committee

The prime minister’s thumb it appears…

It is noteworthy that significant intelligence activities of the Canadian Forces, including HUMINT (see “Not Much Noticed: Canadian Forces Intelligence Command [plus HUMINT]“), are excluded from the committee’s purview. Why?..

let’s have a look at the extent of those defence intelligence activities–from the official release on the appointment of a new Commander, Canadian Forces Intelligence Command (webpage here, note “Canadian Forces National Counter-Intelligence Unit (CFNCIU) [that will involve HUMINT]” and “Joint Task Force X (JTF X) – JTF X provides strategic, operational and tactical human intelligence resources in support of DND/CAF programs and operations”):

– CFINTCOM’s mandate is to provide credible, timely, and integrated defence intelligence capabilities, products, and services to the Canadian Armed Forces, Department of National Defence, Government of Canada, and Allies in support of Canada’s national security objectives.
– CFINTCOM is the lead Government of Canada intelligence organization for geospatial intelligence [see “RADARSAT Constellation: New Canadian Satellites and Maritime, Arctic Surveillance, Part 2“] and is unique within the Canadian intelligence community as the only organization that conducts the full spectrum of both collection and analysis from all sources [e.g. HUMINT].
– The Commander CFINTCOM is also the Chief of Defence Intelligence. As such, he is the chief intelligence advisor to senior DND/CAF leadership and exerts functional authority over the other DND/CAF organizations to ensure that all defence intelligence activities are well coordinated and compliant with existing policies and laws…

Above via the Canadian Forces College invaluable SOMNIA – Spotlight on Military News and International Affairs. Related:

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Will anyone, especially our media and academics/think tankers, notice the scale of the CF’s activities? Instead of just focusing on CSIS and CSE?

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


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