Mark Collins – BREXIT, or, The English Didn’t Like the EU Golf Club

An excerpt from an interview with a very colourful Conservative MP (who is really speaking about England, not Britain, in terms of current views):

Rory Stewart says Britain must make the best of Brexit

This is the unedited transcript of an interview between Rory Stewart, Parliamentary Under Secretary for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Conservative MP for Penrith and The Border and Ferdinando Giugliano of La Repubblica. The interview took place on Thursday 30 June 2016 in London (UK)

…The problem was that Britain never believed in the EU in the same way as the other countries did. I feel that we are like somebody who wanted to join a golf club, and then General De Gaulle said ‘no, you can’t join the golf club’, and then we were really depressed, and we tried really hard and then we finally got in, but then as soon as we got in we said ‘no we don’t like this club, we don’t like the rules, we don’t like the other members, we don’t like the membership fee’. And we sat in a corner of the club for forty years complaining, and ultimately it is perfectly reasonable for the other members of the club to turn around and say ‘guys, you are here, what are you doing, do you like playing golf or not?’. And I think the answer is we have never got it, we have never understood what this thing was, and we kept telling ourselves it was about the common market. And because we kept telling us this we got really confused. Everything else, every other complaint, followed from this. We kept telling ourselves, ‘in order to have a common free trade area, why do we need to have this or that?’. The only way of answering this is that Europe is more than just a free trade area, it’s an idea. But Britain never understood that idea. It never understood the necessity of that idea…


BREXIT, or, Speaking for England?

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Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


2 thoughts on “Mark Collins – BREXIT, or, The English Didn’t Like the EU Golf Club”

  1. An English friend in Norfolk (his area voted 59% out ) who also has Swiss citizenship observes:

    “Good old Rory, talks some common sense. Now we really should get down to sorting the Brexit decision out. Too much shilly- shallying, too much chaos at the top. The people decided, like it or not (and the neo-lib elite, undemocratically, don’t like it and want ANOTHER REFERENDUM, for God’s sake!!), so we must end the uncertainty, stop acting like mithering old aunties and do the proper thing.”

    Get on with it one way or another, somehow. Quelle merde.

    Mark Collins

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