Mark Collins – The World Needs More Canada. Sure.

A Canadian at the Brookings Institution has a wild  flight of fancy (originally published, naturally, in the Toronto Star):

Have Brexit and the U.S. election created space for Canadian leadership?
As major powers deal with political shuffles at home, Canada is poised to take concerted steps toward international leadership, argues John McArthur…

All of this prompts outsized attention on Canada [noticed any abroad other than gushing over our new PM?], for three reasons. First, at a strategic level, Canada has long been something of a swing voter in global affairs, akin to Florida or Ohio in a U.S. presidential election. We are one of a handful of countries with an outsized ability to help the world’s coalitions and norms turn in one direction or another [er, evidence?]. Second, at a psychological level, many international actors see Canada as an uplifting rare source of ongoing positive news and political energy [again, evidence?]. Third, in terms of resources, after a generation of underinvesting in global affairs, Canada is seen [by self-regarding, self-obsessed and self-important Canadians] as one of the few influential countries with an ability to do much more…

Keep smoking the… Relevant:

The Mandela Memorial Ceremony and Canada: “…a little people, a silly people…”

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


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