Mark Collins – Indian PM Modi Pours (RAW) Fat on Pakistan’s Baluchistan Fire

Further to these posts from last year and this January,

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the Indian prime minister is most undiplomatic; improving bilateral relations really is a never never land:

By simply mentioning a Pakistani province, Modi fuels theories about India’s role in rebellion there

With what might have sounded like a simple, throwaway comment in the middle of a speech, India’s prime minister opened a geopolitical Pandora’s box.

Narendra Modi’s remark came as he stood on the ramparts of a 368-year-old fort, addressing the nation on its 70th independence day. And it really came down to just one word: Baluchistan.

Baluchistan is a Pakistani province that has been plagued by an unending cycle of violence and underdevelopment since India and Pakistan were partitioned upon gaining independence in 1947.

The two countries have been each other’s greatest adversaries since then, fighting war after war and destabilizing each other through covert intelligence operations. For years, Pakistan has alleged that India’s intelligence agency, known by its acronym RAW, supports and even trains separatist militants from Baluchistan.

India vehemently denies the claims, but in the past has been extremely careful not to publicly mention the Baluchistan issue or express any support for any of the political movements there that are fighting the Pakistani state. Doing so might imply that India is involved in Baluchistan in exactly the same way that it has long accused (and more or less proven) Pakistan to be fomenting insurgency in Kashmir [see end of the post], a region claimed by both countries.

But last Friday [Aug. 12], at a meeting with his political party’s leadership, Modi broke that taboo and denounced what he called Pakistan’s “atrocities” and human rights abuses in Baluchistan. And on Monday, at Red Fort in Delhi, he extended an unprecedentedly public overture to people from across Pakistan who had taken to social media to thank him for his outspokenness.

“I am grateful to the people of Baluchistan, Gilgit and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir who have thanked me in the past few days,” he said, citing two areas controlled by Pakistan that India claims.

The Pakistani government immediately jumped on Modi’s comment as “proof” that India is meddling in Baluchistan. In a statement, Sartaj Aziz, a cabinet minister in charge of foreign affairs, said, “Prime Minister Modi’s reference to Baluchistan, which is an integral part of Pakistan, only proves Pakistan’s contention that India, through its main intelligence agency RAW, has been fomenting terrorism in Baluchistan.”..

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Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


4 thoughts on “Mark Collins – Indian PM Modi Pours (RAW) Fat on Pakistan’s Baluchistan Fire”

  1. China for its part has big plans for Baluchistan:

    “China and Pakistan: Big Bucks for Links for Those Lips and Teeth”

    Whilst India has its own port plans with Iran:

    “Afghanistan and India and China: Great Games?”

    Mark Collins

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