Mark Collins – Yes, Virginia, There is a Canadian “Cabinet Committee on Defence Procurement”

Further to this excerpt from an earlier post,

Sources said the file is currently in front of the cabinet “ad hoc” committee on defence procurement, which is chaired by Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr…

The other members of the committee are Treasury Board President Scott Brison, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan, Procurement Minister Judy Foote, Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains, Science Minister Kirsty Duncan and Mr. Garneau…

[That committee is also in charge of the government’s–inherited–shipbuilding morass (more here, here and here); they sure do have a huge and messy plate.]..

we have a (modified) tweet today:

The membership is at p. 11 PDF here–foreign affairs minister Dion has been added, presumably to provide a second Quebec member (transport minister Garneau is the other) as he has no other discernible qualifications for inclusion. Good luck to them on the pressing matter of how to go forward in choosing the RCAF’s new fighter.

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


2 thoughts on “Mark Collins – Yes, Virginia, There is a Canadian “Cabinet Committee on Defence Procurement””

  1. Fisheries and Coast Guard minister LeBlanc is not on the procurement committee (some feared he might be):

    Cabinet Committee on Intelligence and Emergency Management is at p. 9 PDF,

    and Cabinet Committee on Canada in the World and Public Security is at p. 7.

    Mark Collins

  2. Mark – there might be a good reason to include Global Affairs.

    MIlitary equipment is as much about alliances with foreigners as it is about anything else.

    Canada should want to be able to compare the price of manufacturing something locally to buying it overseas and also to put a price on the value of making a friend by buying their gear or, conversely, making a buck by selling Canadian gear to a friend.

    Build a boat, buy a boat, sell a boat. Cut a friend a deal.

    Cheers, Chris.

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