Mark Collins – Islamic Reformation? Moroccan Monarch Section

Further to this 2015 post based on the Egyptian president,

The call comes from a very interesting source–will many listen? This event has so far received much less Western media coverage than it should get…

we now hear from a descendant of the Muslim prophet (PBUH):

The boldness of a king’s speech
Bernard-Henri Lévy is a French author, philosopher and activist [more here].

The date is Aug. 20.

In Tangier, King Mohammed VI is giving a speech, as he does every year, to mark the revolution of Morocco’s king and people.

And, lo and behold, after anodyne remarks on the evils of underdevelopment, on Africa’s destiny and on the contribution of the Moroccan resistance to the Algerian revolution, he launches into an all-out attack against radical Islam and the dark string of murders recently committed in its name, leading off with the July 26 killing of a Catholic priest inside a Normandy church as an act of “unforgivable madness.”

A little thing? Yes and no.

To begin with, I am not aware of any other head of state in that part of the world who has spoken out with such a strong voice. But more important, Mohammed VI is not just any head of state. His very special standing in the Sunni Arab world, his titles of “Sharifian Monarch” and “Commander of the Faithful,” and especially his status as a “descendant of the Prophet,” give the least of his declarations a weight that they would not have in the mouth of another.

On the day of his speech, he is not content to declare war on the jihadis. He tells them that the war will be waged on Earth and in heaven. He places them outside the law, not only of men, but also of God.

He will meet them, he says, on the field of their belief and challenge the meaning that they give to this or that verse of the Koran. Relying on other verses, on commentary on the verses they cite, or simply on the sovereign authority of his own reading and interpretation, he will unmask them as imposters…

Like nearly all heads of state, Muslim and non-Muslim, he could have been content to intone, over and over, that there was “no link” between Islamic radicalism and Islam writ large.

Mohammed VI is doing the opposite. He is acknowledging the link and cutting it.

…at the beginning of his reign, he launched his great reform to promote equality of the sexes, fighting gender privilege with exegesis and consulting women’s organizations as well as religious scholars, with the result that, two years later, Morocco had a family code that was equally consistent with the precepts of Islam and the modern principles of human rights.

It was in just this way, too, that the emancipation of the Enlightenment began in Western Christendom, with the God of natural rights posed against that of the Inquisitors, and, once the new movement had taken root, with Locke’s and Bodin’s recognition that each of us contains a share of transcendence, the strongest guarantee of our inviolability and our rights…

On doit espérer. An earlier post based on BHL:

Frankreich Judenrein? Nein!

Mark Collins, a prolific Ottawa blogger, is a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute; he tweets @Mark3Ds


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